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Minimalist interiors path to different quality of decoration | GRI Designs

Minimalist interiors as islands in the sea

Minimalist interior as island or the sea between

In the almost infinite ocean of interiors, minimalist interiors are like islands. Function reigns over forms and masses in islands or continents of minimalism. The function is given a greater role. It is superior to the form. The function – is the queen and king of the ‘Less is More’ islands.

Is it islands of stones and metal, glass and wood? Or if to be more precise, is it – what is between – seas and oceans without beginning and end… of thoughts and feelings?


What do you get from minimalism?

Minimalism saves us from the overwhelming amount of interior design materials, decorative accessories, lightings, furniture and provides a sense of freedom and simple shelter for a person who was or is overfilled with material things.

Who is behind ‘Less is More’ style?

Let`s look at it from the creator’s point of view. How interior designer or architect creates minimalist interior? Who is behind ‘Less is More’ architecture – heart, mind, 6th sense or some artistic mind?

Philosophy of interior design

If you ask your heart what is the philosophy of your interior design, the answer possibly would be – simple interior. The walls and floor are easy to clean. Spaces and rooms are simple to access. Surfaces and levels – neither too wide nor too long, only sufficient the legs to stretch out and head to put down. House, where we can enjoy a cup of steaming tea or coffee, taste delicious salads or steak. Place, where we could spend time with family and friends, we would share sorrow, joy and happiness. It is not necessarily a modern, minimalist and even the¬†luxurious interior. Heart`s interior design philosophy is likely to be – line, shape, space, simplicity and purity…

Mind`s philosophy of interior design

But wait. It looks like it is the philosophy of mind… just pure mind – simple interior design. The mind could think simple, complex or complicated categories of interior design. Mind thinks…

Heart`s philosophy of interior design

Heart`s philosophy would be – beautiful or cute interior accessories, which would bring warm memories and nice experiences to us from the past, future or present time… Heart is warmness. Heart feels. But it is not necessary minimalism.

Minimalist interior what is it?

Let`s imagine house interior.

The house where is incarnated purity and simplicity. Clear mood, simple design – there exist “huge amount” of minimalism. Home interior vibrates in simplicity or floats in silence and peace rather. Space gives a sense of tranquillity.

Simple materials are used for ceiling decoration. Wooden finishing details become mild and calm accents. Vertical wooden boards are secured to the ceiling which holds wooden ceiling boards laid horizontally.

Whitish white walls where we could find some openings, niches or windows. It is almost the only wall decorations.

Living and dining area may be separated by the translucent curtain. The living area is dominated by the black colour sofa and two armchairs.

There are several white shelves under the slightly above-equipped bed – it is home office space.

… there is a small window in the bathroom.

It’s like the unity of peace and quietness.

How do we get to the minimalist interior design then?

The minimalist interior – is the path to a different quality of decoration. The minimalist style gives intangible quality to the finishing materials, interior design details, decor elements. The quality that the person seeks to hear, but can not hear, aims to see, but can not see, tries smell but can not smell. This is exquisite quality – it is like to decorate visible and invisible space between tables and chairs, ceiling and floor, curtain and bedding.

Who creates minimalist interiors?

You can come again and think about what leads the designer to create that kind of home interior: heart or mind; an influence of styles or fashion, opinions or personal ideas, or whatever else is it ..?

Can minimalist interior be created, felt or understood only by the human`s heart or mind or there are involved other ‘subtle feelings’ too?

What do you think?


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