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About - GRI Designs

Welcome to GRI Designs

GRI Designs is founded to create the presence of interior decoration and design works of Giedrius Radzius, who`s background is in:

  • Study and graduation of architecture in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania.
  • Foundation and management of interior decoration, design and reconstruction ‘Vejo spalvos’, LTD in Lithuania.
  • Personal research in ‘Where interior design, interior decoration and architectural design meets’ in the USA.
  • Foundation and content management of blog about interior design and architecture www.namudizainas.lt (in Lithuanian language) in the UK.

Many years were spent to understand how to communicate client`s ideas through interior lines, forms, surfaces, materials and colours.

Behind interior design forms and colours were people – contractors, suppliers, decorators, construction workers – who made complex drywall ceiling & walls constructions, prepared, painted & wallpapered walls and ceilings; decorated floors with intricate tiling patterns; decorated spaces and surfaces, stairs and stairways with wooden, metal and glass details, and created many other simple and complex interior design details. Communication with clients, contractors, decorators, construction workers developed special skills in project management and coordination, time and recourses management, and many other skills related to construction, interior design and architecture.

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