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Ceiling Design | Wall, Floor, Staircase Design | Interior Decoration in UK | GRI Designs

Interior Decorating by GRI Designs

Ceiling design, decorative interior details, project management

About Us

Interior Decorating by GRI Designs

Drywall ceiling design, wooden beams decoration, lighting solutions

Ceiling Design

Interior Decorating by GRI Designs

Decorative floor & wall tiling, laminate flooring, floor design

Floor Design

Interior Decorating by GRI Designs

Ceiling, wall decorative painting & wallpapering, wall designs 

Wall Design

Interior Decorating by GRI Designs

Stair treads, handrails and balustrades, staircase design

Staircase Design

Decorating Commercial / Public Spaces and Residential Interiors

Interior decorating services are backed by five years study of architecture, over twelve years of interior decorating and reconstruction business in Lithuania, almost one year of personal research in the USA – ‘Where Architectural design, Interior design and Interior decoration meet’ and more than four years blogging in the UK about interior design and architecture.

Ceiling Design is a specialisation of GRI Designs. 

Ceiling design is accompanied by the decoration of walls, floor, staircases and other elements of interior design.

It is worth to mention special skills in project management and coordination.


An architect by education, Interior Designer by experience, Interior Decorator by practice, Entrepreneur by way of life, Educator by the desire to share ideas.

The main achievements – seven interior decoration and reconstruction designs of Forest Enterprises administrative buildings realised in Lithuania.

Place of residence is Bristol, UK now.

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Giedrius Radzius

Portfolio as Interior Design Stories

Portfolio of some works as to look at interior decoration and design from communication point of view

Classical presentation of Interior Decoration Portfolio

Interior decoration & design portfolio as to look classical way – interior spaces divided into elements of the building – ceiling, floor, stairs, walls.

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